How all started

Some time after this day I end build well known LEGO® Technic 42085

It is amazing and really big model has about of 5 motorized functions that use ONLY ONE L MOTOR with one rotation direction.
Its crazy! They done it with powerful junction boxes.

After that I try to build from this set something interesting for my son.
But I got a problem — no any remote control for my models. I want build controlled toy like truck or tank or car — but I have only one L motor and battery box 🙂


When I start searching any recourse set for my technic set I got LEGO’s PowerFunctions sets with IR receivers and RC controllers.
Motors and servos — all looks pretty cool! But it bit expensive. If I want build big models with 5-8 motors I need spend a lot of money.
If I want remote control without IR receivers — I need SBrick or Buwizz. For 8 motors — I need 2 Buwizz.
All of that is really cool… But I can’t build self controlled robots in future.


I make decision — create few motors and controllers for my need. I have 3D printer and electronic components like AVR’s, Arduino’s, ESP’s and etc.

First prototype is tank with brick gun

This is first version of controller:

Controller done with nRF51822 MCU, 2 motor drivers, 6 PWM lines, about 8 inputs and 7 outputs for LED’s.