Next steps

When I start working on this project, I just don’t think about a blog, don’t think how many things I should to do for build this framework.

It start’s as you for my son (and me of course :)). Today, about of 2.5 mounts later I see it:

  • 4 burned ESP8266
  • 3 PCB modifications for N20 controller with ATTiny13
  • 5 versions of 3D models for N20 and SG90, compatible with LEGO’s
  • 3 different firmwares (for ESP8266, for nRF51822, for ATTiny13)
  • WiBrick-Wire protocol… (I spend too many time for make it works)
  • Tons of hours

And… yesterday one of my test motors brick their connector…

Now I need think about more hardness connector or design. I know about N20 motor reductors with more longer endpoint, but I have only short version at this moment. May be I order longer later.

Now I waiting parcel with STM8 / 8 pin devices and hope they can replace ugly (but still actual) ATTiny13 in next designs.

I found many bugs in latest WiBrickESP and now have idea some ideas about updates

Today I publish first versions of STL and STP files, add schematics to repos in Github

Next steps (I hope 🙂

  • Fix N20 connectors
  • Make SG90 controller for WiBrick-Wire
  • Prepare Node-Red for testing from PC and build difficult models with logic
  • Update WiBrickESP schematic and PCB
  • Build simple ReactNative app for remote controlling