# Motors

WiBrick provide many ways for use different motors.

Main idea - implement WiBrick-Wire interface in each motor. It looks bit expensive but this way open new horizons in model building:

  • You can control up to 250 motors by using only one WiBrick*
  • Motors use single line, so you can use extra connectors and don't connect all motors directly to WiBrick
  • You can make small bridge between WiActor and any other motor, like Power Functions™ or Powered Up™

* If you have good batteries or use external power supply. Or if you don't try turn all motors in same time :)

# Known motors

Preview Model TID VER
N20 + ATTiny13 N20 / ATTiny13 0x02 0x01
SG90 + ATTiny13 SG90 / ATTiny13 0x01 0x01